Compression ignition engines for aeronautical applications
SMA, a 100% subsidiary of Safran Aircraft Engines, develops, manufactures and sells a new generation of compression ignition engines, purposely-designed for aeronautical applications. SMA engines are specifically designed for single and multi-engine aircraft.
 The 230 hp version SR305-230E designed for the general aviation market, specifically for jet fuels aircraft, has been certified by EASA and FAA in 2011 The SR305-230E is intended for OEM’s integration programs. It is designed for single or multi-engine application, and for professional as well as private use.

SMA develops and manufactures piston engines burning Jet fuels, purposely-designed for the general aviation market, for single and multi-engine aircraft.

SMA is currently making production of the SR305-230E, its 4-cylinder engine of 230 hp. A new 6-cylinder engine is under development with power over 300 hp.

SMA engines technology emphasizes reliability and robustness, with the same ease of operation as with turboprop models.

SMA has developed and tested on a demonstrator,  a concept of   High Power Density Engine (HPDE), rivaling  the  turbines power density.
With a weight of 240kg (529 lbs) as installed, this engine is designed to deliver up to 800 HP. 

It is a new world class Jet A piston engine leader in power density, and an  ideal solution for the power generation and hybrid propulsion for future small and mid-size commuter-aircraft, rotorcraft and drones.
Based upon state-of-the-art compression engine technologies, the HPDE offers reliability, low cost of operation, long range and endurance, as a stand-alone solution or in combination with turbines.



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