Line service course

This e-learning course is divided in 2 sections:


1) Introduction:

Note: this course is mainly for pilots, owners and technicians interested in a general overview of the SR305-230 series.

It provides information on the operation of diesel cycle engines, the general characteristics of the SR305-230 series and its maintenance.

Estimated course duration: 30 minutes

2) Maintenance :

Note: this course is primarily intended for powerplant mechanics.

This course covers the various SR305-230E engine concepts, systems, operations, handling, troubleshooting, and its scheduled maintenance.

At the end of each chapter, trainees have to answer a set of questions before continuing to the next chapter.

Each chapter can be printed and used by the trainees to take notes for future reference.

Estimated course duration: 5 hours


The Line Service course is 490 USD per participant, including:

  • e-Learning course (introduction and maintenance)
  • Certificate of completion (printable certificate in PDF format)


Students must be able to read and understand English.
A computer with live access to the internet and audio output must be used.


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