Compression ignition engines for aeronautical applications

SMA develops and manufactures piston engines burning Jet fuels, purposely-designed for the general aviation market, for single and multi-engine aircraft.

SMA is currently making production of the SR305-230E, its 4-cylinder engine of 230 hp. A new 6-cylinder engine is under development with power over 300 hp.

SMA engines technology emphasizes reliability and robustness, with the same ease of operation as with turboprop models.


The current 230 hp version SR305-230E designed for the general aviation market, specifically for jet fuels aircraft, has been certified by EASA and FAA in 2011 The SR305-230E is intended for OEM's integration programs. It is designed for single or multi-engine application, and for professional as well as private use.

The SR305-230E offers the following advantages: use of jet fuels available around the world, fuel cost savings by over 30% compared to Avgas engines, optimized aircraft operation, and no lead exhaust.

  • Four cylinders
  • Certified ceiling : 20,000 ft
  • Critical altitude : 10,000 ft
  • Constant speed of propeller : 2,200 rpm

The SR305-230E has been selected by Cessna for the Turbo Skylane JT-A, as well as by Odessa aircraft plant (Ukraine) for the DELFIN aircraft.

In order to meet market needs, SMA is currently studying more powerful version of the current engine.